Cutting Edge 32-068: FW-190 Part 1




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Scott Van Aken



To add to the diversity of FW-190 sheets in 1/32 comes this new sheet from Cutting Edge. It includes three aircraft from the early 1944 time period. These planes are in the standard scheme of RLM 74/75/76 and all have yellow lower cowlings. The best kit for this sheet is the newer Hasegawa FW-190A and I'd go for the A-5 boxing with the smaller cowl guns to make the variants shown.

First up is Red 13 of Major Heinz Bar from II./JG 1 in 1944. His aircraft has a large red rear fuselage band, white rudder and a while spiral on the prop. No mottling on his FW-190A-7.

Second is the FW-190A-6 of Major Anton Hackl of Stab III./JG 11. His aircraft has a yellow fuselage band and a white fin/rudder. You'll note that the tail swastika has been painted over but is still barely visible.

Finally, is Yellow 6, the FW-190A-7 of Fw Gerhard Giese. His 3./JG 1 plane has the unit's red fuselage band and also the black and white cowling associated with this unit. CE provides the black stripes (though I think they needed to supply at least one more), requiring the modeler to paint the white and the black of the oil tank armor.

There are enough stencils and insignia to do one aircraft and a very good stencil guide is supplied with the instructions..

September 2005

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