Cutting Edge 32-060: Bf-109G-10 part 2




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Scott Van Aken




This is the second Bf-109G-10 sheet. I'll direct you to the first review for an insightful treatise on the various cowling types!

First up is a G-10 from KG(J)54. Undoubtedly used as airfield protection this aircraft is in what appears to be RLM 83/75, though no color info is given for any of the aircraft on this sheet. It has the white/blue checkered Reich Defense band on it and uses the type 110 cowling.

Next is a Stab./JG 77 plane with the green/white Reich Defense band. It uses the type 100 cowling and appears to be in RLM 75/81.

Finally, another 110 cowled aircraft, this one from 2./JG 300. Red 12 has the red Reich Defense band and is probably in RLM 75/83 on the upper surfaces.

A super sheet and one you can use with your CE type 110 cowling conversion or with Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf-109G-10 kit.

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