Cutting Edge 32-055 FW=190A/F




Sturmstaffel 1 and Unknown


Scott Van Aken



Adding to the new 1/32 FW-190 sheets comes this one for an A-7 and F-8 variant. The A-7 can be built from the new Hasegawa kit, while the F-8 has the very nice Revell kit which can be used. You can also use the older Hasegawa FW-190A-8 kit if you have one.

First up is White 14 from Sturmstaffel 1. It is in RLM 74/75/76 with rather heavy mottling. These planes had the cowling guns removed and additional armor added. In this case there was armor added to both the canopy and the side of the fuselage around the pilot. There are some notes on this plane with the decals, unfortunately, it is taken from what must be a 1/48 sheet that includes other aircraft from this unit as most of the information says "See notes above" and there are none.

Yellow 11 is an F-8 variant that has had new unit markings applied without removing the older Red 7 ones. It is in RLM 83/75/76 with the fuselage in solid RLM 83. Mottling is in RLM 81/83. It is quite possible that this was a rebuilt aircraft as the tail is a different color. This aircraft has the newer 'blown' canopy introduced on the production line in January of 1945.

Both will make for most colorful aircraft.

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