Cutting Edge 24004: Bf-109G-5/6




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Scott Van Aken



Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to provide decals for the new Trumpeter 1/24 Bf-109G kits, Cutting Edge has produced several sheets just for this bird and are, as far as I know, the first to do so. They won't be the last.

This sheet covers three aircraft, all in the basic RLM 74/75/76 color scheme that was common to early/mid 109Gs. There are two sheets in this set, one of them common data markings, insignia and swastikas in sufficient numbers to do one aircraft.

First up is the 109G-6 of Heinrich Ehler from JG 5 who ended the war with 208 victories. His Yellow 12 is so common that were it not for the 100 plus kill markings on the tail, and the lack of a DF loop antenna, it would be totally non-descript.

Next is Gerhard Barkhorn's 109G-5 from Stab II./JG 52. This plane has the older head armor and carries no DF loop. A large white spiral is on the spinner and it has the usual Russian Front RLM 04 painted areas under the cowling, wing tips and around the fuselage. No kill markings are carried though Barkhorn eventually reached a score of 301 kills.

Finally, a 7./JG 3 aircraft from 1944. This aircraft carries the 20mm cannon gondolas, a white fuselage band and a thin white spiral on the spinner. As with the other aircraft on this sheet, the fuselage sides have a fairly thick mottling of RLM 74/75.

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