Caracal Models CD 72086: F-105F/G  Wild Weasel

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has produced a new decal sheet for the F-105F/G Wild Weasel in 1/72 scale. There are a few kits out there that will fill the bill for this set. Airfix, Monogram and Trumpeter have done the two seat F-105. I'm not sure which is best, but I do know that the Airfix kit has major shape issues and should be avoided.

The Wild Weasel F-105 was developed because the previous aircraft, the F-100F was lacking in range, carrying capability, and the ability to incorporate the proper avionics. The F-105F was an interim aircraft (sometimes called the EF-105F, but that was not an official designation) and all surviving airframes were upgraded to F-105G. Despite fairly heavy attrition, when replaced by the F-4G, there were sill enough aircraft to equip two ANG units.

All active duty USAF aircraft were in the standard SEA camouflage. Those that were with the Georgia ANG got a wraparound scheme.

So here is what is on the sheet. No unit information is supplied, but you can do some research to figure out what those are.

F-105G 63-8320 "Cooters"

F-105G 63-8305

F-105G 63-8296

EF-105F 62-4428 "Red Ball"

F-105G 62-4434

F-105G 63-8301 "Jinkin' Josie"

F-105G 62-4423, Georgia ANG

F-105G 63-8316, Georgia ANG

F-105G 63-8340

F-105G 63-8362, Virginia ANG

The sheet provides sufficient common markings to do two planes as long as one is one of the two Georgia ANG planes that uses the low visibility insignia.

The decal sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf.  

December 2019

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