Caracal Models CD 72076: FJ-3 Fury part 1

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Scott Van Aken

A much awaited new sheet from Caracal Models is this first of two for the Sword FJ-3 Fury. Four colorful options are provided in this one.

First up is a VF-142 aircraft in the light gull grey over white scheme. Note that the upper color is matte and lower is gloss. This is a later FJ-3 with the wing fences and refueling probe.

Next is the first of two earlier planes in overall gloss sea blue. These sea blue planes generally were without the wing fences. In this case, the plane is from VF-154.

The other sea blue plane is from VF-51 with the large red fuselage stripe. On these darker planes, the intake was unpainted metal.

The fourth option is a drone controller with VU-3. This is a later plane with wing fences and probe. These planes were very colorful with engine grey fuselage, yellow wings and tailplanes as well as a da-glo orange rear fuselage/fin. The instructions state this was international orange and that is certainly easier to paint, but period photos suggest it was da-glo. Note that this particular aircraft did not have the red wing bands. 

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and you are provided sufficient insignia for two planes if you choose wisely. One thing not mentioned in the instructions regards the reinforced elevators and rudder that are included in the kit. I'm going to guess that the later planes had them and the earlier ones did not.

December 2018

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