Caracal Models CD 72067: F-106A "City of Jacksonville"

Units: 159 FIS




Scott Van Aken

During the American bicentennial, it was considered in vogue to paint at least one of a squadron's planes in some sort of red, white, and blue scheme. For many regular units, it was little more than perhaps a unit's name on the side in these three colors or multi color rudder stripes. However, some units went the full monty on their paint schemes, repainting entire airframes in some pretty wild schemes.

One of the most flamboyant was the F-106A of the 159 FIS, Florida Air National Guard. This plane also had the benefit of having a '76' in the serial number, a trait also used by other units. Except for the radome and exhaust, it seems as if no part of the airframe was unpainted in its new colors. The aircraft also flew with national insignia only on the upper surface of the all white wings. The underside of the wings were painted in broad (about 35 inch) red and white stripes while a goodly portion of the fuselage was in blue.

This is a difficult scheme to duplicate. There will be a lot of masking required to get it just right, but Caracal Models has done its best to provide you with the basics so you can get underway. Once the major colors have been added, the decals come into play. Note that I have darkened the sheet somewhat so you can better see the white bits.

For this sheet, Just about all of the more complex areas of the fuselage are provided as large single decals. Just to be clear, all the stars are not on one big sheet, but divided into sections for easier application. Separate stars are provided to add to those areas not covered by the very large decals. The white fin marking is also provided as a decal though you may wish to paint that as well since you are doing a lot of masking anyway.

Instructions are very complete in terms of placement. The Cartograf decals are a great choice and will work with most setting solutions. The instructions do not state which kit, but most will gravitate towards the newer Meng kit, though the vintage Hasegawa kit would provide a suitable backdrop for this one. There is also information provided at a link in the instructions that has photos of the plane.

July 2017

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