Caracal Models CD 72066: KC-135R Stratotanker pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

This is Caracal Model's second KC-135R release in this scale. The sheet contains six aircraft, all in the current AMC Grey scheme. You are provided with enough stencils and data markings for one aircraft. An interesting note, aside from these all being ANG planes, is that three of the six units used to fly RF-4Cs prior to getting their tankers.

So here is what's on the set:

KC-135R 61-0318, 117 ARW, Alabama ANG

KC-135R 59-1521, 168 ARW, Alaska ANG

KC-135R 58-0079, 186 ARW, Mississippi ANG

KC-135R 63-7991, 155 ARW, Nebraska ANG

KC-135R 58-0060, 171 ARW, Pennsylvania ANG

KC-135R 57-1435, 151 ARW, Utah ANG

There has only been one kit of the KC-135 produced in 1/72 scale. That was the AMT kit that, like all AMT's airplane kits, is now owned by Italeri. This is not an inexpensive kit, but it does provide for a nice and rather large model.

A note for those considering getting this sheet. It is limited to 300 copies so if you think you'll ever want the markings on it for a future project, you need to pick this one up soon.

November 2017

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