Caracal Models CD 72050: Thunderbirds C-54

Units: Thunderbirds


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Scott Van Aken

Unlike the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds do not have a specially painted support aircraft. Generally, they use whatever transport aircraft is available, usually something straight out of overhaul or brand new. They simply place a large Thunderbirds badge on it and call it good. This was not always the case, and back when they were flying F-84Fs and F-100s, they used a C-54 for this purpose.

This new Caracal Models sheet has markings for the plane used in 1959. It was named 'The City of Las Vegas' and carried that on the left side behind the cockpit. There is no photo evidence for it also being on the right, but Caracal has provided it for you.

This will be a fairly complex scheme. Though all the stars for the tail and horizontal stab are covered together for ease of application, inevitably there will be a need for touch up so a pair of color sample decals have been provided for this purpose. Note that this plane did have the radar nose. Note also that there is a third sheet that is not shown. It is one used on all the other C-54 offerings and includes insignia and various USAF logos.

The set includes prop warning stripes and the nose anti-glare panel so is quite complete. If your penchant is for the colorful and you have the recent Revell kit, this is certainly for you.

September 2016

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