Caracal Models CD 72048: F-106A part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Last year, Meng released a new tool F-106A and modelers of Century Series planes were delighted. I have one which was sent to me (thanks Richard), but have held off building it until I found some decals that I liked. This may well be it as Caracal Models have released this one with five different markings options. All are FIS units which were some of the last regular USAF units to fly the type.

The Cartograf printed sheet offers sufficient data and insignia for one plane, but there is no reason why you could not use those from the kit for additional aircraft. Will this fit the Hasegawa kit? Probably, but no guarantees as it wasn't designed for it. All are in a base color of ADC Grey (FS 16473) with black noses and anti-glare panels, with one exception.

So here is what is on the sheet.

First is from the 48 FIS at Langley AFB. This unit went on to F-15s before ADC went away.

Next is from the 49 FIS based at Griffiss AFB. This is a pretty popular scheme amongst 106 fans.

Then we have the 87th FIS from K.I. Sawyer AFB in 1984. At one time, this unit had a nice variety of nose art and even the bull on the fin was altered.

From the 318 FIS at McChord AFB we have this nice option. This unit also lasted long enough to get F-15s before going away.

Finally, a record breaker from Edwards AFB in 1959. I hope you like da-glo as this plane has lots of it. It holds the air speed record for single engine jets that was set in 1959 and still stands.

Now you have no excuse to not start on that Meng kit (and neither do I).

September 2016

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