Caracal Models CD 72023: Air National Guard F-4C/D

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Scott Van Aken

Thankfully, Caracal Models has a tendency to release their 1/48 sheets for 1/72 modelers. So it is the case with ANG Phantoms. Thes eight schemes are taken from their bigger ANG sheets. The decals are not sized for any specific kit, but then this should not be an issue. All the options are in ADC Grey (FS 36473) as these units were mostly with Air Defense Command. This will make them easy to paint.

The first plane is from the 114 FIS, Oregon ANG at Klamath Falls, Oregon. This unit was the ANG F-4C training unit so had quite a few of these aircraft on hand. Here is a photo of this plane taken in July of 1985. This aircraft was later scrapped.


Next is from the 179 FIS, Minnesota ANG based at Duluth, MN. This unit was one of the last ones to operate the F-4D and so in the end, many of their planes were in the Hill Grey II scheme. Here is a photo of this plane taken in June of 1988. This aircraft was last seen at AMARC.

The third option is an F-4C from the 111 FIS, Texan ANG in 1983. I have a photo of this one, but it is in another unit's markings. This aircraft was eventually scrapped.

With the 171 FIS, Michigan ANG, is another F-4D. The markings for this aircraft are a scheme that was tried out for a brief period of time before changing back to the black and yellow checkers worn by their F-4Cs. Again, I have a photo of this plane, but in the later scheme. According to my slide collection, at least one camouflaged F-4D with the 171 FIS wore these markings.  This aircraft was eventually used as a target at Holloman AFB.

The other 171 FIS option is this F-4C is from 1984, just before they transitioned to the F-4D and it is in the earlier more colorful scheme that most recognize. This particular aircraft (63-7576)was sent to Bitburg as their BDR plane and presumed scrapped. A second option (63-7514) with a different serial display is also provided, this one being from 1980. This second plane was sent to Osan as their BDR plane and also presumed scrapped. The photo below from 1980 is of the first plane but with the serial presentation of the second.

The sixth option is an F-4C from the 123 FIS, Oregon ANG at Portland. This aircraft (64-0568) was sent to Sheppard AFB to use as an instructional airframe.

From the 178 FIS North Dakota ANG is 64-0949 from 1983. This F-4D was used as a range target at Holloman AFB. The photo below was taken in July 1985.

The last aircraft on the sheet is an F-4C from the Hawaiian ANG in 1982. This 199 FIS plane (64-0914) is just listed as Terminated From Inventory so its actual fate is unknown.

The  decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and provide common markings and insignia for one option. The sheet also includes the dark blue nose trim for the 178 FIS option and fuselage/wing walk areas. A superb offering that should help you reduce your stash of F-4C/Ds! 

October 2016

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