Caracal Models CD 72019: F-16C/D Vipers

The Next Generation

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Scott Van Aken

This is a very nice sheet for the 1/72 F-16 modeler from Caracal Models. It contains aircraft from six nations with several of them having alternate serial numbers. There is no recommended kit for any of these, but there are a number of very nicely done kits by Hasegawa, Revell AG, Italeri, and Tamiya to name a few. Some of these have bits that I've not seen in kits so you may need to find aftermarket for them.

First up is an F-16C Block 50 (big mouth) from the 179 FS, Minnesota ANG. This plane has the new '5th generation' paint scheme of a very dark grey overall. The sheet recommends Dark Slate Grey as being a fairly good match.

Next is a Polish Air Force F-16C Block 52 (small mouth) from the 2011 Tiger Meet. This aircraft is in a two grey's schme and has an extended lower tail as well as the upper wing conformal fuel tanks. This option has alternate F-16D serials included.

The third is in a nice desert scheme with the Moroccan Air Force from 2012. This F-16C Block 52 has the extended parabrake housing and is also marked as the 4,500th F-16. Again, F-16D serials are provided.

The next option is an overall grey F-16C Block 40 (big mouth) with the Royal Bahraini Air Force from 2012

In a similar scheme is an F-16 Block 50 aircraft from the Royal Air Force of Oman in 2010. Again, an F-16D serial is provided for these minimally marked aircraft.

Finally an F-16C Block 52 for the new Iraqi Air Force from 2014. There are also F-16D markings and actually, there are no photos of single seat F-16C planes around. These aircraft have the extended parabrake housings and the D model has the large spine (which could be true of other F-16D options, so check photos). The Iraqi F-16s are in a two tone grey camouflage.

The sheet includes a full color painting and placement booklet. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf in Italy.

August 2014

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