Caracal Models CD 48171: FJ-2 Fury part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the release of the Kitty Hawk 1/48 FJ-2, Caracal Models has provided us with a couple of sheets featuring this aircraft. This is the first sheet. A few notes on the kit are appropriate for those wanting an accurate model. For whatever reason, Kitty Hawk molded the FJ-2 with reinforced rudder and elevator surfaces. While this would be correct for those that were in service a long time and retrofitted with them (like the reserve bird), the majority of these planes did not have these reinforcements. This means that you need to fill them in. It is always wise to check reference photos for the plane you are building to see if these are present or not. Secondly, there is no prototype kit, even though prototype markings are provided. To build this option it would be best to start with an F-86E and add the modifications such as the guns, canopy, and the flat horizontal stabs.

The sheet provides markings for seven aircraft running the full operational life of the plane.

Here is what you get:

XFJ-2 BuNo. 133755

YFJ-2 BuNo. 131937

FJ-2 BuNo. 132017, VMF-232, USMC

FJ-2 BuNo. 132055, VMF-334, USMC

FJ-2 BuNo. 131951, VMF-122, USMC

FJ-2 BuNo. 132065, H&MS-32, USMC

FJ-2 BuNo. 131935, NAS St. Louis, US Navy Reserve

In addition to the unique markings, a Fury insignia/stencil sheet is provided. Instructions are excellent and provide notes where needed. The set is superbly printed by Cartograf. There are enough data markings for two planes if one of them is the sea blue option. You can do others by using the kit decals.

October 2020

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