Caracal Models CD 48134: F-94A/B Starfire

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Scott Van Aken

I'm pleased to see this set produced. The F-94 hasn't had a lot of decals done for it and that is especially true of the early variants. This sheet is designed for the HobbyCraft kit which is still fairly available as it never was a super popular kit.

The sheet provides markings for three aircraft; two F-94A and one F-94B. All are in basically unpainted metal except for the one which has nice red arctic markings worn by planes operating over snow covered areas.

The first option shown is an F-94B of the North Dakota ANG. I'm going to guess the 178FIS.

Next up is a 319 FIS F-94A that operated during the Korean war.

The third is the plane with the arctic markings. This F-94A operated from Ladd AFB in Alaska with the 449th FIS. It is nice that Caracal has provided insignia and USAF markings with a silver surround so you do not have to worry about trying to mask around these. You will have to mask the opening for the tail serial.

The set is superbly printed by Microscale. There are enough data markings for one plane. You can do others by using the kit decals.

October 2020

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