Caracal Models CD 48133: EMB-312 Tucano - Esquadrilha Da Fumaca

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Scott Van Aken

This third new sheet for the Tucano is for one of the more colorful versions flown by the Brazilian Air Force. This is from the display team, Esquadrilha da Fumaca or smoke squadron. When I first saw this team during a US visit in 1986, their planes were basically red and white. Now they are blue with yellow sunburst on the wings and tailplanes.

This Caracal sheet provides serials for all the planes involved in the 2013 display season. Not surprising is that you will need to paint all the blue and most of the yellow bits. Caracal provides a template for you on its web site and I'd definitely get that for doing this scheme. The white stripes between the blue and yellow sections are provided. Also provided are the markings for the gear doors and the pointed section on the lower nose.

These are fitted for the Hobby Boss kit. The two main colors are Testors French Blue and Tamiya XF-3 yellow. Decals themselves are printed by Microscale and free of registration issues. Sorry about the white being less than visible, but to do so, the green and yellow would have been nearly black! 

March 2018

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