Caracal Models CD 48132: EMB-312 Tucano - Brazilian Air Force

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the Hobby Boss release of a 1/48 EMB-312 Tucano last year, we now have a number of very nice decal sheets to go with it. This is not the most accurate kit around, a resin version produced in Brazil fits that description better. But the kit is easy to build and the errors are not so egregious that they are easily spotted by the majority of modeler.

This Caracal Models sheet covers the planes operated by the Brazilian Air Force. These are in a variety of neat schemes, starting off with a plane specially painted to celebrate 30 years of the type in service. This is a pretty spectacular scheme that not only takes up much of the space, but will require the modeler to paint all the orange areas. One is told to match the small orange bit under the bill for the rest of the plane. The other areas that need painted are some of the black bits, but black is black.

Next is a standard training scheme in Orange and white. Caracal provides a selection of serial numbers so that you can pretty much do any Brazilian Tucano for which you have a photo. Again, the orange will need to be painted.

The final option is one in two greys, a scheme that is being used more and more often. Note that this plane has fuselage insignia, but none under the wings. The previous scheme has none on the fuselage but on the top and bottom of both wings. unlike the previous option,

Instructions are in full color and their website also has images and templates if you need them. Decals themselves are printed by Microscale and are in perfect register.

March 2018

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