Caracal Models CD 48131: H-19 part 2

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Scott Van Aken

It amazes me that after all these years, the only 1/48 H-19 kitted for the masses is the 1960s Revell version. It is a nice kit and makes into a nice model, but not without a bit of effort. Fortunately, it is still fairly easy to find and if you don't build the engine, you have a lot of room for weight.

This sheet offers eleven options. Note that some are little more than serial changes, but still nice to have. Also keep in mind that the small horizontal stabilizers are in different positions for the H-19A and the H-19B, though the earlier A models were often retrofitted. Two of these options have the 'cranked' tail boom which will need you to modify the kit. This also included a wider vertical stab. The USCG options require the USCG badge from the kit. Perhaps someone will decide to do a new tooling in the near future. 

Here is what's on the sheet:

US Coast Guard HO4S-2 1258, 1951

US Coast Guard HO4S-3 1304, 1950s (with floats)

USAF H-19A 51-3860, 1953

USAF H-19A 51-3856, 1953 (with floats)

USAF H-19A 51-3893 "Hopalong", 1952

USAF H-19A 51-3862, 1953

USAF H-19B 53-4424, 1960s

USAF VH-19B 53-4436, 1960s

Royal Navy Whirlwind HAR.21 WV195, Malaya 1953

Royal Navy Whirlwind HAR.21 WV192, Malaya 1953

US Army H-19 51-14272, 1950s

As usual, Caracal provides an outstanding, full color painting and markings placement guide. . The markings are printed by Cartograf with enough insignia and data markings to do two options.

March 2018

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