Caracal Models CD 48116: AH-1W Whiskey Cobra

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Scott Van Aken

A subject that does not get a lot of ink when it comes to decal sheets are helicopters. Caracal Models realized this and provides a nice sheet for the AH-1W Cobra. Back in the early 1990s, MRC came out with a kit of this aircraft in 1/35. For the 1/48 fan, it is the Italeri kit that has been reboxed by Revell AG. This kit is the early AH-1W and most of the options on this sheet are for the ones that have since been upgraded. Fortunately, Olimp has done a resin update for this kit and Caracal recommends getting this one to go along with this sheet.

The majority of the options are in the two greys scheme that has been around since the mid 90's. The unmodified option is in the original three color scheme.

For a rundown of units, we have pretty much all of them covered. This includes HMLA- 167, 267, 269,  367, 467, and 773.

HMLA 167 has the early scheme aircraft as well as one  from 2015 dedicated to 9/11 with the NYC skyline on one fuselage side.

There are two HMLA-773 aircraft with one being a CAG bird with the markings in red.

All the grey helos have unit badges on the engine covers.

The markings are printed by Cartograf with enough insignia and data markings to do at least two, perhaps more aircraft from what's on the sheet. A very nice selection of options for the helo fan.

September 2016

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