Caracal Models CD 48112: F-106A

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

For their third 1/48 F-106 sheet, Caracal Models has chosen four very nice schemes. One of these, the 49th FIS is the most frequently requested set of markings that I get from people looking for older decal sheets. This set is designed for the Trumpeter kit, but I'm thinking many of these will also work on the Monogram release as well.

First option is with the 318 FIS. This is a popular scheme and the follow-on F-15 aircraft were the only ones in the USAF that were operational with the ASAT missile.

Next is another very popular scheme with the 49th FIS based at Griffiss AFB.

From the B-1B test program is the third option, this from 1987.

Finally, another flight test plane at Edwards, this time from 1959 with large daglo patches on it.

All the planes on the sheet have a base color of ADC Grey FS 16473. The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and there are enough stencils and insignia for one aircraft. If you wish to do more, then the kit markings can provide what it needed.

December 2016


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