Caracal Models CD 48094: RF-84F Thunderflash

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Scott Van Aken

An aircraft that has not had much done for it in the way of markings is the RF-84F. What it generally takes to see sheets for aircraft like this is a new kit. So it is with this one thanks to the new Tanmodel release. Caracal Models has produced this 1/48 sheet just for that kit. Some may be wondering if perhaps these would fit the Heller kit. No guarantees, however, I see no reason why they would not be at least close and I'd give it a go if I wanted to use this set on that kit.

This set seems to pretty well cover all the USAF recce wings that flew the type with five of the seven options in the nice colorful schemes these planes wore.

First up is the 38 TRS in 1955

Next we have the 15th TRS in markings that will be familiar to those who built the first boxing of the Hasegawa 1/72 RF-101C.

With lots of red is the 20 TRS. Note that on this and the previous option, the wing fences are red.

Probably one of the longest operating recce squadrons was the 45th which went from Korea to the end of the Phantom II era with its white polka dots on a blue field.

Another plane with red wing fences is this option from the 66 TRW.

When the ANG got the plane, most of them were flown in camouflage. Two options in this scheme are from the Alabama and the Mississippi ANG, a pair of squadrons that later flew RF-4Cs for many years.

Decals are printed by Cartograf and you can get full camo info on Caracal's web site. You can do two aircraft from what is on the sheet if you choose wisely. You can also use the data/insignia from the kit for other options. I've not reviewed that kit as I can't get past the asking price, but apparently it is quite nice.

September 2016

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