Caracal Models CD 48037: F-16 Vipers - The Next Generation

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Scott Van Aken

This next sheet from Caracal Models is for the F-16C/D Falcon. In the last decade or so, the second generation F-16 has been supplied to a number of nations, most of them being new build aircraft. I am not sure how much longer the production line can stay open, but it is closing on the numbers of the venerable F-4 Phantom II, albeit spread across 35 years so far in comparison to the F-4's 20 years.

In this set, there are four nations covered, each nation having serials for both an F-16C and an F-16D included which is a nice touch.

First up is a Polish Air Force block 52 'small mouth' aircraft fitted with the over wing conformal fuel tanks. Both the C and D were painted the same way with only the serial number different. These had special tail markings for the 2011 Tiger Meet. Additional serial numbers are provided in case you wish to do a standard plane.

Next is a special plane, specifically F-16 #4500 and in this case an F-16C supplied to the Royal Moroccan Air Force in 2012. A two seater is also provided and the C model is another Block 52 small mouth aircraft.

THe third option is from the Royal Bahrain Air Force in 2012. This is a block 40 'big mouth' aircraft. All RBAF planes are painted in an overall grey which is allegedly a mixture of FS 36622 and 35237.

Finally planes from the Royal Air Force of Oman from 2010. These planes are in overall FS 36270, Neutral Grey. Typical of Omani aircraft, their markings are quite minimal consisting of only an aircraft number and fin badge.

The set comes with two full sets of stencils and you are provided with a full data placement guide as well as other information pertaining to each of the markings options. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf.

August 2013

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