Caracal Models CD 144014: C-124 Globemaster II

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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Caracal Models is dedicated to the C-124 Globemaster II. It could rightfully be considered the C-5 of the 1950s as there was pretty much nothing else around that had the payload capacity of the 124. I remember the first time I saw one and did not think that it would be able to fly with those skinny wings, but fly it did. The type served from Korea through Vietnam and finally was retired in the 1970s after service with the ANG and reserves. One of the last planes, and one that is on this sheet was flown to the USAF museum where it is currently displayed.

has decided to go whole hog on the SR-71 family of aircraft in 1/72 scale and release two sets, that while tested on the Revell kit, should work fine on the Hasegawa and others.  Painting most of these is fairly easy as they are all a black color or a combination of unpainted metal with black areas. Note that in some instances, the color has been reported as a blue-black, but the times I've seen these planes operationally, they certainly look black to me.

There are 10 markings options on this sheet, most of them for the later C-124C.

C-124C Globemaster II 51-7285, 436 MAW, MAC

C-124C Globemaster II 51-5186, 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron

C-124A Globemaster II 50-086, 1st Strategic Support Squadron

C-124C Globemaster II 52-0955, 52rd Troop Carrier Squadron

C-124A Globemaster II 49-247, 3rd Strategic Support Squadron

C-124C Globemaster II 52-0972, Air Force Research Laboratory

C-124C Globemaster II 51-5205, MATS

C-124C Globemaster II 52-1054, Tennessee Air National Guard

C-124C Globemaster II 52-0999, Oklahoma Air National Guard

C-124C Globemaster II 52-0946, North Carolina Air National Guard

C-124C Globemaster II 52-1000, Georgia Air National Guard

The set includes full standard markings for two planes. While Anigrand did do a resin version of this in 1/144, most will head for the Roden kit. It is this latter kit that the markings were designed for. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and you are provided extra serial numbers so you can model other specific aircraft. One thing I didn't see on the sheet were USAF Reserve aircraft, but you should be able to piece something together if you have photos.

October 2019

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