Caracal Models CD 144002: C-141 Starlifter

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Scott Van Aken

It is a surprise to many modelers that, after all these years, there has not been a kit if the C-141 in a relatively standard scale. Sure, Testors did a couple in 1/200, but it is considered a minor scale. It wasn't until recently that Roden released both an A and B kit in 1/144 scale. As one who has built a resin 1/72 C-141A, I can tell you that even in 1/144, it makes a good side model.

Now, we don't have to deal with Roden's questionable decals as Caracal Models has produced a nice one that covers 11 different aircraft. This doesn't cover the full gamut of units, but provides some good options and a nice variety as well. All the major camouflage schemes are covered as well.

Here is what we have:

C-141B 67-0121, 164 AW, Memphis ANGB

C-141B 66-0140, 446 AW, McChord AFB

C-141B 66-0132, 445 AW, Wright-Patterson AFB AFB

C-141B 66-0177, 445 AW, Wright-Patterson AFB ("Hanoi Taxi" in overall gray scheme)

C-141B 64-0610 "City of Charleston II", 437 MAW, Charleston AFB

C-141B 66-0177, 445 AW, Wright-Patterson AFB ("Hanoi Taxi" in latest, retro color scheme)

C-141B 64-0625, 459 AW, Andrews AFB ("Euro 1" camouflage scheme)

C-141A 66-0146, 437 MAW

C-141 "714", Gerard F. Kuiper Airborne Observatory - NASA

C-141A 66-0162, 438 MAW

C-141A 66-0177, 63 MAW ("Hanoi Taxi" in original, Vietnam War era scheme) 

The set comes with full color instructions as well as wing walk markings. Note that there are enough markings to do both a low vis and white over gloss grey version from the same set. A superb set of placement guides are provided and the decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

If you have this kit, then this is the sheet for you.

January 2017

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