Berna Decals 7277 MiG-21 African Air Forces Part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Following the previous sheet, here are more semi-exotic schemes for MiG-21s from African  Air Forces. This sheet has eleven options for five/six nations. As with the other reviews, I'm just showing the first side of the profiles and markings sheet.

In this case, all four of the images you see are from the Angolan Air Force. First is a MiG-21bis from 1989 which force landed in Southwest Africa due to a navigational error. No color info is provided for this or the second plane, also a MiG-21bis.

The third plane is also a MiG-21bis, but this time, a Cuban plane. It is painted in yellow sand, brown and dark green over Russian light blue. This Cuban plane was painted in an Angolan scheme for a movie.

The fourth is a MiG-21MF from 1980. The upper view provides color information.

On the other side are three planes from the Mali Air Force in 2008. These are all MiG-21bis versions and differ in nose code and one has a roundel on the fin. These are all fairly dark with a varying combination of medium green, red brown, dark green, dark brown on one; medium green, dark green and dark brown on another; light green, dark olive green and beige on the third with all having light blue undersides.

A Ugandan Army Air Force plane is next from 1979. This MiG-21MF was destroyed in the Israeli raid on Entebbe.

Somalia has two planes, both MiG-21 MFs in beige and olive green over light blue. These differ only by serial number and are from 1993. I believe they were found in non-operational condition by US forces during the raid on Mogadishu.

Finally, an overall light grey MiG-21MF with the Tanzania People's Defense Force.

So there you have it. More interesting schemes for those who like to build 1/72 MiG-21s.

For kits, one has Fujimi and Zvezda for the MiG-21bis and RV Models and KP for the MF. There may well be others, but those are the only ones that come to mind.

November 2016

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