Berna Decals 7276 MiG-21 African Air Forces Part 1

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Scott Van Aken

There was a time when the Soviet Union was trying to gain a lot of influence in Africa. These were generally places without a lot of money to spend on weapons who still wanted somewhat modern jets. All they had to do was buddy up to the Soviets and they could get what they wanted for not a lot of $$. Besides, one could pay lip service to the propaganda from Moscow and still get good deals on Soviet weapons. So we see a near explosion of MiG fighters in many African states. This decal sheet and the one following covers the MiG-21s sold in relatively small numbers and often infrequently flown.

There are schemes for nine aircraft from seven different nations included on the sheet. While the sheet is  small by comparison to the norm, it does include both nose numbers and insignia, which for these planes is really about all they carried. There are no stencils. I have also shown only one side of the markings placement guide.

So here is what is on the sheet:

First up is a MiG-21bis with the Guinean Air Army in green and beige over light blue.

Next a Zambian Air Force MiG-21 MF from 1986. It is in beigeand dark olive green over Russian light blue.

An Eithiopian plane is next. This Mig-21 bis is in olive green and yellow sand over Russian light blue.

Two planes from The Nigerian Air Force are next. One is a MiG-21 bis in dark olive green and beige over Russian light blue. The other is a MiG-21 MF in light green, dark olive green and beige over Russian light blue. The only upper side drawing given is for the first Nigerian AF plane so you'll have to guesstimate the others.

Now as to what is not shown. There are two Zambian Chengdu F-7IINs (which I guess count as MiG-21s). Both are in dull white and grey and while the instructions don't state specifically, I guess the underside is the dull white. They differ by serial number and one has the old Rhodesian fin marking.

A bare metal MiG-21M from the Sudanese Air Force in 1981 is next with the final aircraft being a MiG-21bis with the Malagasy Air Force. This one is in overall light grey.

The decals are nicely printed and since they are mostly insignia, you can build most of the planes shown in the instructions. References are the African MiGs books that I've reviewed in the past and you can probably find photos on-line with a bit of looking. No kits are mentioned, but there are several out there that would work. The Fujimi kits are bis versions and Zvezda also does this variant. RV Models and KP do the MF and M versions and I think that Trumpeter may do the Chinese one. There could be others, but those are the only ones that come to mind.

October 2016

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