Berna Decals 7269 MiG-17 African Air Forces Part 2

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet was ordered from overseas in anticipation of starting a kit on which I could use them. As luck would have it, it took 7 months for the package to reach me, which I guess is better than not at all, by which time my enthusiasm for the project had cooled.

There are scheme for nine aircraft from six different nations included on the sheet. While the sheet is pretty small by comparison to the norm, it does include both nose numbers and insignia, which for these planes is really about all they carried.

So here is what is on the sheet:

There are two options from the Nigerian Air Force, both in unpainted metal and in two slightly different insignia options. Both are from 1969.

Next a pair of Somali planes from 1991. Again, these differ in serial number and each has a different camouflage scheme. These are mostly green, sand and dark yellow.

Also from the 1960s is a Ugandan plane  in dark blue and brown over light grey.

Not shown and from the other side of the markings guide are two planes from the Malagasy Air Force in 1980. Both are in unpainted metal and differ only in nose number. Both carry an Air Force badge on the nose.

A light grey, light blue, and dark blue camouflaged plane from the Mali Air Force is also included. This was photographed abandon in 1991

Finally, a Madagascar plane from 1981 in unpainted metal.

The instructions are in greyscale and adequate considering how minimal the markings are. Upper and lower surfaces are provided to be sure you get the insignia right. The decals themselves are very nicely done. I've used Berna decals before and they are quite thin. While no kit is recommended, I'm sure most will use either the Dragon or AZ Model version as I think that is about it in 1/72. The ancient Hasegawa kit is not only overscale, but the wrong version.

October 2016

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