BarracudaCast BR 32339: Spitfire IX cockpit upgrade

For: Revell 1/32 kit


$15.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This latest 1/32 upgrade part from Barracuda Studios is for the Revell Spitfire IX. It is a cockpit  in their 'snapshot' series. You will notice that it includes new side walls, control stick, gunsight, compass, canopy jettison pull handle, along with various bits and pieces that fit on the sidewalls. You also get some black wire for the control stick cables and you are provided with a decal sheet that has placards and some instrument dials.

A complete set of full color photos are provided that show you where the decals are placed and to provide color information. A full set of instructions are included as you will need to do a bit of trimming to attach some of these pieces. This set can also be modified for other kits, such as the Pacific Coast Spit IX. As always, the casting is flawless.

February 2018

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