BarracudaCals BC72376: Focke-Wulf FW-190A/F/D Stencils

For: Any 1/72 FW-190


$5.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

There often comes a time when you just need a good set of stencils. It can be due to the kit decals being unusable or the kit doesn't provide a decent set, or you totally hosed what was provided. Well, BarracudaCals has just what you need.

This set covers the 1/48 FW-190 and is applicable to pretty much the whole line. There are sufficient stencils to do two planes and you are provided with a very well done placement diagram. So pick up a set or two just to have on hand or if you are in need.

If you are feeling a bit of déjà vu over this article, well, it is because I used most of it for the 1/48 set. Gomen.

April 2018

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