BarracudaCals BC72165: Mosquito Airframe Stencils - Expanded

For: All applicable kits


$5.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

This very nice decals set from BarracudaCals is for the deHavilland Mosquito. This is the 1/72 set and provides sufficient markings for one aircraft. All Mossies used some or all of these so it is helpful if the modeler has a photo of their plane they are building. Note that the red markings are not in a bright red. This is the way they should be.

In addition to external markings, this set includes those for the inside as well. There are radio decals, cockpit sidewall markings as well as those for the inside of the doors and hatches. A nice instrument panel decal is also provided. Though difficult to see because they are white, instrument dials are on a separate decal. Now not all Mossie instrument panels had all these, but I think it will be enough for what is there.

The sheet comes with full placement markings and superbly printed by Cartograf. They are available in all major scales.

January 2017

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