BarracudaCals BC48361: P-51D Mustang Cockpit Stencils and Placards

For: Any 1/32 P-51D FW-190


$5.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken


An area that gets little attention in terms of stencils and placards is the interior of an aircraft. Those of us who have worked in and on military aircraft know that everything has a decal or plate of some sort on it. These will either identify the equipment or provide information regarding the operation of that gear.

This is something that we rarely see in kit markings. So this set covers pretty much all the possibilities that can be found and actually would probably be most useful when dealing with aftermarket cockpits as these frequently have more detail. BarracudaCals recommends Tamiya, Meng, and Airfix kits for this sheet, but you can easily use this on older kits as well.

As you can see from the above image, BarracudaCals provides photographs that show exactly where all these markings are to be placed. In all, it is a great sheet that those who want the total accuracy in their models will want to have.

April 2018

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