BarracudaCals 48231: Bf-109G-6/G-14

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Scott Van Aken

I have not seen many Bf-109 decals in the last few years so it is nice to see this one from Barracuda Studios. The sheet contains markings for seven different planes. Most of these are 109G-6s and the recommended kits are by Eduard and Hasegawa. I'm sure that the markings would fit kits from other manufacturers providing they have the required bits. Fine Molds or AZ Models.

The sheet provides a nice variety of markings and camouflage schemes. The G-6s are a nice variety of planes, some having Erla canopies, tall tail wheels and wooden fin/rudders. The G-14 on the sheet is one with a standard nose and not the /AS version which can be difficult to duplicate due to a lack of kits of that variant.

There are enough insignia to do quite a few of these, along with a full stencil suite for two planes. You even get the spirals for the spinner, something I welcome as I'm not good at painting those on. The instructions have great profiles with some information on each plane. A full stencil placement guide is also provided, though it may well be that many of these planes did not carry all the markings.

Here is what is provided:

Bf 109G-6. White Chevron of III./JG1 flown by Friedrich Eberle at Eelde. October 1943

Bf 109G-6. Black 10 of IV./JG54, Dorpat, Russia, early 1944.

Bf 109G-6. << + - of II./JG11, flown by GŁnther Specht, Germany. February 1944

Bf 109G-6. Yellow 6, of 9./JG3, Normandy, July 1944

Bf 109G-14. White 21 of Franz Wienhusen, Gruppenkommandeur IV./JG4, autumn 1944.

Bf 109G-6. Blau 62 of JG 110, Finow, Germany. Early spring 1945

Bf 109G-6. Gelbe 20 of 3./EKG(J), Ansbach, Germany. March 1945

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf so you know they are the best. Note that I have darkened the sheet image a bit so you can see the white bits.  This is a sheet that any 1/48 109 fan should have on hand.

My thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set. You can get yours today at this link.

July 2016

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