Aviaeology AOD72005m RCAF Mosquitoes


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418 Squadron


Scott Van Aken


Canadians in Fighter Command #1. Updated instructions  

Aviaeology has been going back through some of their early sheets that are now out of production and reprinting them with improved instructions. For this one, there is more information on their war loads with drawings showing the loads and placements.

The sheet itself is 1/72 and includes four aircraft from 418 Squadron. For kits, there are a lot of them available for the Mosquito FB.VI with probably Tamiya and Hasegawa being the ones folks will choose.

Of the four, one of them, "Moonbeam McSwine" is in the night intruder scheme with the black undersides. The other three have the later night fighter scheme with Medium Sea Grey undersides, the same grey as used on the upper surface.

The other three planes are "Hairless Joe", "Black Rufe" and "Amigo Panchito". As you can tell, three of these are named (and with nose art) from 'Lil Abner comics. The last one is due to the pilot being from Texas.

The sheet provides full data and insignia for one aircraft. Instructions provide insight as to how some of the aircraft changed over time so it is not necessary to model the plane at only one part of its career, something few other decal sheets provide.

The instruction booklet that includes a number of photos of all aircraft as well as a detailed markings placement guide. Information on the equipment of each aircraft is also provided. In addition, there is a full modeler's guide to ensure that you can properly model each aircraft as there are often detail changes in an airframe during production and the Mosquito was no exception. There is a small slip that allows the purchaser to access full color markings guides via the Aviaeology web site. The decals themselves are superbly printed; clear and crisply done with no registration problems. You will also notice that all of the nose art decals are in two pieces. They provide the background separately so you get good color rendition.

Overall, it is an excellent new sheet and provides one with some nice options over kit markings.

March 2012

My thanks to www.aviaeology.com for the review sheet. You can get yours direct.

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