Aviaeology AOD32033: Coastal Command Strike Wings - The Outriders: 333 (Nor) Squadron




333 Squadron


Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/72 and 1/48 Scale

This latest sheet from Aviaeology continues with its Mosquito units of Coastal Command. This is an area that few other decal makers tackle, so it is nice to see this sort of thing being done. In this case, the unit is 333 (nor) Squadron and covers the F.II and FB.VI variants of the Mosquito. There are eight markings options provided on this one with several schemes for Coastal Command Mossies. Most gun Mosquitos were in the 'night fighter' scheme of overall grey with disruptive green upper surface. However, some of these planes are in the Special Duties scheme normally seen on Beaufighters.

 Two of the planes are Mk.II versions from Leuchars in the summer and spring of 1944. These are NF.IIs that have had the radar equipment removed. Two of the Mk. VI planes are Leuchars based durin 1944. The rest of them are based at Banff from late 1944 until the end of the war.

This set is undoubtedly for the recent Tamiya Mk.VI as I believe the old Revell kit was the Mk.IV bomber variant. There are sufficient insignia for one aircraft and unique markings for all. In this case, the set does not include stencils so one will need to use the ones on the kit decals. However, Aviaeology produces a set that does include these markings so you may wish to contact them at the link below if you wish these.

Aviaeology's instructions are among the best in the industry with lots of notes and photo in addition to the usual drawings. Those purchasing the markings will be provided with a link to where they can download a full color .pdf file of the set's instructions.

Overall, it is an excellent new set and one that you seriously should consider if doing the big Tamiya kit.

July 2016

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