Aviaeology AOD32005m: RCAF Mosquitos 418 Sq




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Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/24 Scale

Thanks to the release of two new 1/32 Mosquitos, Aviaeology has produced this revised sheet for four 418 Squadron Mosquito FB.VI aircraft. All of these planes operated in the last year of the war and were in several camouflage schemes. They also all carried 'Li'l Abner' nose art covering several of the characters of that  then-popular comic.

The first offering is  HJ 719 from mid 1944. This aircraft was coded TH*U and painted in standard upper surface colors with black undersides. This one had the nose art of Moonbeam McSwine.

Next is TH*Z from late 1944. This plane was serialed HR 147 and had the grey underside. It also carried invasion stripes on the lower fuselage. This one was named Hairless Joe and there is considerable photo reference for the nose art so you can build this one as it was at several times during it career.

The third option is NS 850, coded TH*M from mid 1944. This aircraft had the grey underside and was named Black Rufe.

Finally, we have the only non-Li'l Abner plane, SZ 976, coded TH*V. It was named Panchito Amigo and flown by a Texan. Same camo as the previous two and this one is from 1945.

As usual with Aviaeology decals, the research is superb and the instructions provide tons of modeling notes and some drawings to help you differentiate between the earlier and later versions of the FB.VI. The decals themselves are superbly printed and the nose art is offered separately. There are markings enough for one plane. Stencils will need to come from the kit decals or one of Aviaeology's separate Mossie airframe sets.

July 2015

My thanks to www.aviaeology.com for the review sheet. You can get yours direct at this link.

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