Archer Fine Transfers 88000 Surface Detail Sampler
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$4.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

I went into the local hobby shop the other day and the proprieter showed me this neat set. It is sort of a detail set that is a decal. You see, Archer has devised a way to put resin onto a decal sheet. This is done to provide realistic details that are easy to apply. One simply cuts out what is needed, apply it to the model and then when dry, simply paint over it.

Now this set is designed for armor, but I see no reason why it could not be used for other purposes. There is no scale provided as there are several sizes of features. The sheet is shown at larger than normal size.

Some of the items on this sampler sheet are weld seams, louvers, rivets, hinges, a section of treadplate, and casting numbers. When you run your finger over the surface of the sheet, you can feel the raised detail. This should be a real boon to armor modelers in particular, but I can easily see where they would be useful on other types of models as well.

You might want to visit Archer at to see what else they provide in the series.

August 2012

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