APC Decals 72114: D-52 BL SNB

PRICE: 74.38 Koruna SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

During WWII, a considerable number of Luftwaffe types were built in Czechoslovakia, as the Czechs had a fairly robust aviation industry prior to being taken over by the Germans. They also had quality repair facilities so it is not surprising that after the war, much of their military aviation was based on Luftwaffe types.

APC Decals seems to be fairly focused on types that, through the years, were equipment of the Czech Air Force. This particular sheet is for a Ju-52/3m, which was a very common aircraft during and after the war, serving not only in Czechoslovakia, but other places around the world. The French were extensive users of the type. 

The sheet provides markings for one aircraft. A bit of sleuthing discovered that this plane was operated by the Security Flight of the Czech Police. Perhaps that is why the somewhat triangular shape of the fin insignia. This would be a para-military type. One thing is that it is quite colorful. The instructions are unsure of the actual color of the plane, suggesting either dark green, grey-green or steel grey. The einge cowlings, wing leading edges, complete tailplane and the nose section are in dark red.

There are quite a few kits in this scale to choose from though none of them are particularly new. Most will gravitate towards the Heller or Italeri offerings. Note that this plane was not armed so any holes for the rear gun position will need to be filled. The decals are quite nicely printed and you get full color markings placement along with them. Note that these are ALPS printed so each marking must be cut from the backing sheet.

June 2019

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