AOA Decals 48-015: VF-154 Black Knights F-4J

Units: VF-154


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Scott Van Aken

This new AOA Decals sheet concentrates on VF-154 and their F-4J years. Specifically on the light gull grey over white schemes. You are provided with four markings options, three of them from the Vietnam years and one from a few years after. Sharp eyes will notice that I'm using the cover image from the 1/32 set. It is the same in the 1/48 set. VF-154 is one of those fortunate units to continue into the Super Bug era.

The first option is a standard line bird from 1970/71 time frame.

Next we have a CAG aircraft from 1972/73 along with a standard line bird from the same time period

The fourth option is a CAG bird from 1977/78. This aircraft is the same from the 72/73 period, but there are differences in the markings. Obviously the aircraft has been through rework/repaint in the convening years.

The decal sheets contain enough common markings to do one of the options, but if you use some of the common kit markings, you could do two of them. The set includes both the black and the grey walk areas. You will need to paint the black canopy surround as well as the wing/stab tips and the tank tips on some of the options.

Kit instructions are very well done and provide a number of notes to help you with your choice of schemes. For kits you really have a ton of choices from a number of companies. All of them currently available are worth building. Having said that, the sheet is designed for the Academy version, but should fit the others with little or no adusting.

If you are a quarter scale builder of F-4s, you should add this to your collection.

January 2020

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