AOA Decals 48-013: F-4B/J Stencils

Units: All that are applicable


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Scott Van Aken

Once again, AOA Decals has come to the rescue of Phantom Phans with this latest offering. We all know that planes of the 60s and 70s were festooned with stencils and other data markings. While some kits provide all this, they can often miss things or not be 100% correct. The situation with aftermarket is often that they don't include any at all or just minimal markings.

Well, for builders of the F-4B/J in 1/48, that situation is at an end. This set includes a large sheet of data markings, including both styles of intake warning triangle and insignia that provides both the large and small wing markings. A set of wing walk area markings is also provided. A very complete set of placement instructions accompanies this set making it a must have item.

Please note that you do get complete insignia, but the image was the only way I could get everything onto the scanner platen.

January 2020

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