AOA Decals 32-021: VMFA-334 Falcons: Lovebug 5

Units: VMFA-334


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Scott Van Aken

VMFA-334 was one of those units that were operational for relatively short durations. They were active during Korea and again during Vietnam. They were 'in country' for but a year from September 1968 until September of 1969 when they moved to Iwakuni. They were there until March of 1971 when they returned to El Toro and were disestablished in December of that year.

This particular sheet covers one of the planes of this squadron when it was at Chu Lai in South Vietnam. These planese were 'rode hard and put away wet' so seeing one in pristine condition would be a rarity. This set covers a single airplane and includes an additional sheet of insignia and minimal stencils. You will need to use kit stencils for the rest as a full sheet of Phantom stencils in this scale would be huge.

For those who like really big F-4s this would be an excellent choice. Many AOA sets sell out rather quickly so it would be a good ideal to pick this one up sooner rather than later.

August 2017

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