AIMS 72016: Me-321B Gigant

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4.50 from AIMS


Scott Van Aken

The latest sheet from AIMS is the first aftermarket sheet I've ever seen for the Italeri 1/72 Me-321 'Gigant'. I'm quite pleased that AIMS had decided to assist modelers with some options for this one. The Gigant kit is not that difficult to find and from time to time Italeri reissues it.

There are three options on this sheet all with different camouflage options.

First is an aircraft used during the testing of the He-111Z. Aircraft is in the standard camo scheme of RLM 70/71/65

Next, in a full winter camo scheme is one from GS-Kdo.2 from 1943 in the Crimea. It is in  an overall winter white on the upper surfaces with some of the underlying camo showing on the leading edges of the wings and the front doors.

The final option is from the same unit, but this time, only in a partial winter scheme for the upper surfaces and the fin/rudder.

All of the options have a photo reference so these are not imagineered schemes.

A fine sheet with a number of interesting options.

September 2010

Thanks to AIMS for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website. These sheets are also carried by Hannants in the UK.

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