AIMS 72-02:  Ju-88G-6

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Scott Van Aken

For their next Ju-88 sheet, AIMS decided to concentrate on the later night fighters; specifically the Ju-88G-6. These planes were generally overall RLM 76 with various mottlings and other patterns. For kits you have the old AMT 1/72 Ju-88G (if you can find one) or the resin kit from AIMS.

First up is an aircraft of Stab./NJG 4 from the last months of the war. It has what looks like various splotches of RLM 75 over its normal night fighter scheme.

From 7./NJG 2 comes this one with a number of kill markings on the tail. It also has an abbreviated lower rudder for the tail mounted radar. The upper fuselage and wings are in a dense pattern of RLM74.

Another aircraft with splotches of RLM 75 on the upper surface and the abbreviated rudder is this example from an unknown unit.

Yet one more with the RLM 75 splotches, this time the Gruppenkommandeur's aircraft from Stab./NJG 5. It, like the second example, has the 'Naxos' fairing on the upper canopy.

Finally, in an extremely dense application of RLM70 on the upper surface is this 7./NJG 5 aircraft that flew into Switzerland in the last days of the war. The Swiss over-painted it s black codes and national markings in white for some reason.

Another super sheet for your next night fighter kit.

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