AIMS 72-01: Early Ju-88s

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet from what is, to me, a new company. AIMS is dedicated to the 1/72 Ju-88 modeler and has a ton of goodies for those who have a similar bent. Count me as one of those folks as I have a growing Ju-88 collection in 1/72 as well. Since there are a number of kits available from Italeri, AMT, Airfix,  AMtech and others, AIM has hit on a good market for their products.

Their first sheet covers early Ju-88s and unless otherwise mentioned, they are painted in the standard bomber scheme of RLM 70/71/65.

First up is a Ju-88A-0 from 1./KG 30 when operating in Norway. The only color other than the unit badge are the red spinners.

Next, is a Ju-88A-1 of 1./Aufkl.Gr 123 during the Battle of Britain. This is a photo recce bird.

From 2./KG 40 comes this Ju-88A-1 which bellied in on a Sussex farm during August of 1940. It has a red fuselage band.

Another Ju-88A-1 is this one from 2./KG 77. It has red tipped spinners and the white fin and wing markings often seen on later Battle of Britain bombers.


Moving to Greece we find this Ju-88A-5 of 5./LG1 during the Greek invasion of 1941. It carries the white Mediterranean theater band as well as the yellow rudder and engine cowlings of the Balkans theater. The red spinners just add that much more color.

In a winter upper color of white comes this Ju-88A-5 from 8./KG 76 in Russia during the winter of 1941-42. It has the usual Russian theater yellow fuselage band and lower wing tips with red prop spinner tips.

The next rather plain Ju-88C-2 is from 7./KG 30 in Norway. This variant has a solid gun nose and is based on the early Ju-88s with the shorter wing.

The Ju-88C-4 that is shown next is in overall black with a white fuselage band. It was operating with 2./NJG 2 as a night fighter, The -4 variant has the longer wings of later Ju-88s.

Finally a Ju-88D-2 recce bird with 1./Aufkl 121 in 1941. It is an overall RLM 65 with a white fuselage band and protruding camera lenses just under the wing trailing edge.

The decals are very well printed and should provide no problems at all. For kits of the early Ju-88s, visit the AIMS website for more info.

Thanks to AIMS for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website.

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