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Liveries Unlimited AGA7-014 Mosquito FB.VI





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Scott Van Aken



This sheet is a bit of a departure for LU in that it is in 1/72 scale. However, the subject of the sheet is a very interesting one combining both airliner and warplane in one.

During WW2, the British needed a high-speed aircraft to fly critical flights over enemy occupied territory to reach Sweden. The reason for this was the the Brits bought ball bearings from Sweden, not having the industrial capability at home to provide enough for local consumption. Being greedy, the Brits bought the entire output of Swedish ball bearing factories. Actually, they contracted for the full production to prevent the Germans from buying them. The Germans did buy high quality iron ore from Sweden and made their own bearings from the ore. The BOAC flights to Sweden also allowed the British to get intelligence information and to plant spies.

Though the initial Mosquito used was a B.IV, the FB.VI was the most used aircraft. All armament and armor (except for the pilot's) was removed and the BOAC pilots flew the dangerous Leuchars to Stockholm trip from February 1943 until the end of the war.

These aircraft were painted in standard RAF paints and Liveries Unlimited give you two schemes to choose from. The main difference being the underside color, the color of the underwing registration, and the color of the British stripes on the upper wing. 

These decals will fit any of the available 1/72 kits of the Mosquito. The ones recommended are from Airfix, Hasegawa and Tamiya. Any of these will provide an excellent basis. As with other LU sheets, the instructions are full of helpful hints on making a superb model.

Overall, another great sheet from Liveries Unlimited. If you can't find them in your favourite store, ask, no, DEMAND that they start carrying them or visit their website for a complete rundown of what is available.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

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