Aeromaster sheet 48-354; Me-410 Hornisse Zerstorer Collection Part 1

Aeromaster has again provided us with a fine sheet for the Pro-Modeler Me-410B-2. This particular sheet does six different aircraft and comes with the usual colorful instruction sheet.  

The first scheme is a B-2/U2/R2 from I/ZG.26 in 1944

Next is another B-2/U2/R2, this time from Egr.Gr.KG.51 (Jagd) again in 1944

These two schemes can be built from the kit as it comes from the box.  The rest will require some small modifications, mostly to the bomb bay area as the bomber version did not have guns installed there.

Third scheme is an A-1 of 1./KG51 in the bomber scheme of 70/71/65, again from 1944.

Fourth is an A-1/U2 of 8/ZG.26

Fifth scheme is a B-1/U2/R4 of II/ZG.26

Finally a B-1 night intruder of 14/KG2 with the underside and sides sprayed in black. This kit requires flame dampner exhaust.

As you can see from the sheet below, all the markings that are not common to the aircraft are provided.  Common markings are to be found on the kit decal sheet.  In most cases that is a shame as I have found the Scalemaster-provided decals in ProModeler kits to be off register.  Why I do not know, but even replacement sheets suffer from that problem.

Overall this looks to be another fine sheet from Aeromaster and one that I will be using on my ProModeler Me-410.

Retail price of this sheet is $7.00

Review by Scott Van Aken