Aeromaster 72-194: Firefly pt 2

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

Continuing on with the latest Aeromaster releases is this second sheet of Fireflies. This sheet is simply chock full of fireflies. Aeromaster provides schemes for 8 aircraft, most of them in the extra dark sea grey/dark slate grey over sky scheme, which was pretty well standard for the type during the war. The only real down side to this sheet is that the sole kit for it is pretty elderly. I'm talking, of course, of the Frog kit of the 1960s. It has since been reboxed by a number of companies including Novo and Smer, but the basic mold is the same in all of them.

Anyway, the first plane is from 1771 Sq from the Implacable in 1945. This one is in standard colors and includes some nose art.

Next is a postwar plane from 795 Sq RNAS. It is in edsg upper and sky lower with a very high demarcation line. It also carries a radar pod.

From 1772 Sq at RNAS Schofields, Australia is the next plane.

Another postwar plane is this Canadian plane from 826 Sq aboard the HMCS Magnificent. It is in edsg and sky grey and like many post war planes, carries the radar pod.

This 812 Sq plane from Ceylon is another post war aircraft. It still carries war-time markings, but has a red and white spinner.

Yet another postwar plane is this one from 1792 sq aboard the HMS Ocean in the Med during 1946.

The white nosed Firefly is from 825 sq aboard HMCS Warrior in 1947. As you can see, this Canadian Navy plane is still in basically British markings and camouflage.

Finally, a war-time bird from 1770 Sq with the smaller SEAC roundels that were carried by a number of units during that time.

The Aeromaster sheet carries all of the roundels and special markings needed to be able to do all of the aircraft portrayed on the sheet. Now all that is really needed is a modern, up-to-date kit!

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