Aeromaster 72-187: Firefly part 1

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This is the first of at least two sheets on the Firefly I. Rather odd it coming out as the only sheet in this scale is the rather old Airfix version.  All are for various version of the Mk.4/5/6, which are quite similar. Standard camo for this version is Extra Dark Sea Grey upper with Sky sides and undersides.

First is a FR.5 from 812 sq aboard HMS Glory in 1951. It has Korean War bands around the wings and fuselage.

From 817 Sq is this AS.5 from HMAS Sydney. Also in Korea, but in 1953 after the cease fire was signed. As you can see, no kangaroo in the roundel at this time.

This AS6 from 814 sq aboard the HMS Eagle in 1952. This aircraft is depicted during a North Atlantic cruise that included trips to the arctic. Sounds like 'fun'.

The TT.4 in aluminum uppers (looks white to me) and yellow/black undersides if from RNAS Ford in 1955.

Next is a Canadian AS.5 from 825 squadron. It uses a sky grey in place of Brit Sky for the underside color.

Another target tug, this time a TT.6 from 725 Sq at Nowra. This Aussie bird is painted the same as its British cousin. By 1958, the RNAS did have the kangaroo in its roundel.

Finally, a target drone or U.9 version of the Firefly. This is one from 728B squadron at Malta in 1958. It is cream uppers with red sides and lower surfaces. Your intrepid editor modeled a similar plane back in the dark ages when there were no aftermarket decals around!

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