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 Aeromaster 72-170 Korean War F-84s pt 2




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Scott Van Aken




This is the second sheet of Korean War F-84s that Aeromaster did in 1/72. I can only guess that they did not sell well as I had no trouble finding these sheets. There are full markings for two aircraft with enough USAF markings for all three.

The first one is the same as what comes in the Tamiya 1/72 kit, 'Four Queens', the 58th FBG commanders plane. The sheet gives two sets of wing tank stripes. A photo in 'F-84 Thunderjet Units Over Korea' shows this plane with the four color markings and without the black border stripes on the tanks.

Next is 'Cynthia VI' an F-84G from the 8 FBS /49 FBS, This plane is in post Korean War markings when the buzz number was moved to the tail section to make room for the 'US Air Force' on the nose. Aeromaster states that this plane flew in these markings during the war. They are dead wrong. According to the Thunderjet Units book, no 8 FBS plane carried the markings shown during the war. Those colors are pure post-war.

Finally, an F-84E from the 182 FBS/136 FBG. This is a Texas ANG unit called up to action. It has a very impressive bomb tally and denotes 1,000 combat hours, a rather impressive score!

All of the markings offer decals for the tip tank fin colors, but you may be better off to paint them on. Same with the nose gear doors on the first scheme as you'll have to paint the speed brake anyway!

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