Aeromaster 72-138 for Rammjager Fw-190s




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Scott Van Aken




Rammjagers were the specially built FW-190s that were designed to get in close while attacking American bomber formation. If the need presented itself, the pilots were expected to actually ram the plane to bring it down. While this did happen from time to time, it was a rather infrequent event.

The modifications made to the planes were more in the way of added armor and a reduction of guns than anything else.

You may notice that the sheet image is abbreviated. I am starting to do this when much of the sheet is just common markings and insignia. Saves on server space and helps speed download times for those of us with dial-up modems.

All of the aircraft on the sheet are FW-190A-8s and all are in the RLM 74/75/76 scheme. Many of the aircraft have the additional exterior armor plating and a template is provided for you to make it from plastic card or brass sheet.

The first plane on the list is a brilliantly red-nosed plane from IV/JG.3. This one has a nice red spinner as well, however you'll have to paint most of the red and match the color of the small section of decal provided.

Next is another IV/JG 3 aircraft. This one has an armored canopy as well. This will have to scratchbuilt unless your kit provides it.

From  III/JG 300 comes red 1. Like the previous two aircraft, no upper cowling guns were carried to help compensate for the additional weight of the armor.

Red 8 is another IV/JG 3 plane, this time with a black nose and a yellow spiral on the spinner.

Finally, Yellow 12 from III/JG 300. This aircraft has the plate armor in RLM 02 and large patches of RLM 66 on the upper fuselage in place of the RLM 74. In addition to the removal of the upper cowling guns, the area has been smoothed over.

The suggested kit is the very nice Hasegawa 1/72 Fw-190, though I see no reason why any of the other kits available couldn't be used.

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