Aeromaster 72-131: B-29s over Korea pt II

Units: 30 BS/19 BW




Scott Van Aken

Several of these aircraft are from some 1/48 sheets that Aeromaster does, but I'm glad to see them done in 1/72, a scale that takes a back seat in the US in terms of aftermarket stuff. As I've mentioned in other reviews, there are two kits for this; an oldie by Airfix and the newer one by Academy. Both have their problems in terms of fit, but the majority will go for the Academy version, I do believe. All aircraft on the sheet are in natural metal with black de-icer boots and tail band. Blue is on the fin tip, wing tips, nose gear doors, on a nose band and a section of the fuselage above the wings. Really the only difference is the nose art and serial number. You'll have to get the insignia and big USAF for the wings from the kit or some other source

Basically, you have a choice of doing 'Southern Comfort', 'Atomic Tom' or 'Dragon Lady'.

'Atomic Tom' was the first B-29 to drop bombs on Korea, 'Dragon Lady' has five confirmed Mig Kills, and 'Southern Comfort' just has cool nose art, though shown on the sheet after it was censored by adding clothing.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my diminishing bank account.

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