Aeromaster 72-129: B-29s over Korea pt 1

Units: 28 BS/19 BG




Scott Van Aken

Here's a very nice sheet for those who want to add some great nose art to your next B-29 kit. When it comes to kits, there really are only two choices in 1/72; which is twice as many as you get with 1/48!! Basically they are the rather old, but still good Airfix kit with all its rivets, and the newer, engraved panel line Academy kit. Most will go for the Academy kit, but while it is newer, it does have some fit problems, most irritating being the aft wing/flap section. If you've built any of the B-29/B-50/C-97 kits you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, this sheet includes three planes from the 28th BS/19th BG. These planes all have green trim on the nose, nose gear door, wing tip, fin tip and a section just above the wing. These will have to be painted on by the modeler as will the black fin stripe and the wing/tail anti-icing panels. You'll also have to find an alternate source for the insignia and wing USAF decals (such as the kit, perhaps). There is a note that some of these planes may have been painted black on the underside at one time or another so it might not be a bad idea to start scouring your references. Since the only difference in these planes is nose art, describing them will be brief.

First is 'South Sea Sinner. The second is 'Our Gal' which is nicely offered in the pre-'cover up' scheme for those of us who appreciate things like that. Finally there is 'Top of the Mark', for which the alternate scheme is not offered. :o(

So there you have it. A nice choice of large  and colorful nose artwork for your next Superfortress project.

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